Delete luci without SSL and install with SSL

how to delete luci without SSL from and install Luci with SSL , for example :

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If you've already installed packages that, for example, use OpenSSL, then you would want to install the same "variant" of LuCI / uhttpd.


Is there a updated wiki? where can I read? for example here outdated information


it was necessary to restart the web server after installing the package luci-ssl-openssl

before could not understand why does not work HTTPS

Luci is the same whether you use SSL or not. uhttpd is the web server behind LuCI, that is what changes.

With or without SSL, uhttpd/LuCI is not considered secure enough to expose to the Internet. To use LuCI remotely, open a SSH or VPN tunnel to port 80. http is safe to use within a secure tunnel since the tunnel overall is encrypted.