Delete ethernet from LuCI


I have a Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini router with latest OpenWRT, all is working well, but it could be possible to delete the interface that does not exists?

The device have only 3 ethernet (1 WAN + 2 LAN), in the LuCI interface appears 4 LAN.

Is it possible to delete the LAN3 and LAN4 for the next stable release?

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This was fixed a while ago, but I don't think the fix is in the 19.07 builds.

You can manually apply the changes from the patch on your own device, if you like.

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Why it is not in the 19.07 build if it is reported?

Could I do something to add in the next builds?

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19.07 is ancient stuff. Not all fixes are backported from master to 19.07.

The change in master by

has apparently not been backported to 19.07 branch:

Feel free to author the backport, compile it, and send a Pull Request about getting the backport included.

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Thanks for the reply.

But this means that in the new 19.07.4 will be OK? When it will be OK? In the next 20 branch?

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No. 19.07 branch is separate from master. 19.07.4 will be done from that 19.07 branch, so nothing from master gets there, unless it is specifically backported.

20.0x branch was supposed to be branched by now, but has been delayed. When 20.0x gets branched, it naturally contains everything that is in master at the branching time.

my old graph explaining the branches:

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Thanks for the explanation. So I will wait for the 20.0x branch, this is not really a issue, is a cosmetic problem.

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