Delay in online game

i play call of duty and i feel like im a second behind everyone in the game feels smooth thanks to sqm with dscp classify but i still have this delay in the game where its like everyone can see me way before i see ping to the servers dont go over 55ms thanks to banip i blocked the far servers.. have anyone figured out this problem..ive seen some people speak about this same issue before somewhere in the forum but dont know if they ever found a solution

ubus call system board

How do you measure "ping" ?

Like yourself?

root@OpenWrt:~# ubus call system board
        "kernel": "5.15.150",
        "hostname": "OpenWrt",
        "system": "ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)",
        "model": "Linksys WRT1900AC v2",
        "board_name": "linksys,wrt1900ac-v2",
        "rootfs_type": "squashfs",
        "release": {
                "distribution": "OpenWrt",
                "version": "23.05.3",
                "revision": "r23809-234f1a2efa",
                "target": "mvebu/cortexa9",
                "description": "OpenWrt 23.05.3 r23809-234f1a2efa"

i measure ping to and from the server

Can you post result link from

to confirm your QoS setup maintains good latency?

Your QoS target is 50ms which is 3-4 game frames. I.e not variation is problem, but the inherent delay.
250ms sporadic delay means it is not so good at shaping traffic.
Please post THE LINK to test result, and do other test with QoS disabled.



This test is from my isp server closest to me



Your game server is too far.
You can re-calibrate sqm - set ingress rate to zero and go halving bandwidths up and down until upload latency stabilizes, then go with adjusting ingress measuring download.


Mmmh, that waveform tests auto selects servers in cloudflare's CDN, so IMHO these 50ms really only tell something about the network distance to these cloudflare servers, unless the game servers are hosted by cloudflare in the same datacenter, this will not be diagnostic for game traffic....

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How do you know that?

I see no report on rtt/owds to/from the game servers here.

I do wonder though, like @brada4, why do you set the sqm shaper rate that low, looking at the ISP resukt, I would guess 100/100 might work?

PS: are you connection via ethernet cable to your router or via WiFi?


my gaming console is wired but unfortunately my laptop doesnt have an ethernet port so these test are running from my 5g wifi ...i should of said that sorry...ive adjusted my upload and download to many settings high and low my console is on wired.. my game feels super smooth my hit detection is great but is like everyone reacts way faster then me like im being delayed and im not a bad player

Check you are not running in channel 36, I guessed country code "ES", so you can set 5ghz radio to select only among strong 5GHz channels:
option channels '36 100 116' and auto-select channel.
If you retrofit gige usb adapter it may not be the best for latency measurements.
Once there re-calibrate SQM

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i figured out the problem i took off upnp and dmz my console and noticed in the game network menu the external port for the game changed.
before it was internal port 3074 external port 3074
now its internal port 3074 external port 36355
the gameserevers uses external ports between 30000-45000
i also raised my speed to 100ul an 100dl and my game feels absolutly amazing...i thank you guys for your help

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Try to adapt UPnP (miniupnpd-nftables + luci-app-miniupnpd), defaults kind of work for xbox.

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will definitly look into it thanks a million

Try to get hold of a usb 2 ethernet adapter like the tp-link ue300, while not great these allow you to side step the challenges involved with WiFi, like having to set the WAN shaper rates such that WiFi bloat does not show up in your waveform tests, WiFi-bloat that likely would not affect the wired console even at higher shaper rates. But that has little priority.
Since @brada4 brought up that this might be partially a location issue, could you run the following command on your router and post the output here (maybe redact your IP address and router name if you consider these sensitive, but please do not react all IP addresses along the path):

# in case you did not install iftop/tracepath already run:
opgk update ; opkg install mtr-json iputils-tracepath
# then run these tests and post the output separately:
tracepath -b -4
tracepath -b -6
# note the next two will take a bit over 100 seconds each, so be patient 
mtr -ezb4w -c 100 -o LSNBAWVJMXI
mtr -ezb6w -c 100 -o LSNBAWVJMXI

that should give us some idea about your routing...

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So one thing I would do is to add a static DHCP lease to the console to give it a fixed IPv4 address that way it is easier to use tcpdump to only show traffic to/from the console which makes it simpler to confirm what port it actually uses...

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@brada4 @moeller0 im back to the same problem :man_facepalming: turned on the game this morning and same thing..last night i turned on the dmz and the external port changed in the game menu to a random port and my game felt perfect.. ill show example below

this is what it always look like in the in game menu

external ip address (my public ip):3074
internal ip address (playstation static ip);3074

this is what it looked like when i turned upnp off and dmz the console then restart the router

external ip address (my public ip):36355
internal ip address (playstation static ip);3074

both give me open nat so i dont know whats wrong here..turned on my game this morning and its back to this
external ip address (my public ip):3074
internal ip address (playstation static ip);3074
and the delay is back ..i reset everything but it stays like that in the game menu which if im right is actually supposed to be i dont know why it changed to this
external ip address (my public ip):36355 and ive never felt my game so good in a very long time..probably a placebo effect but why did the port change and my nat was still open either or