Define address to flash firmware

Hi all,
I'm a newbie in forums.
I would like to ask about what is the information in the image below (Ex. MR 12:0x80010000,0x9fda0000 +0x240000). How to find it to flash device right?

It's the location said data begins in the image.

There's nothing to find, those already refrence locations of the image itself.

BTW, the "erase" spots you highlighted are on the flash. "Cp" is what you're copying from the image to the device for booting.

Hi Ileachii,
It's the only example that I wonder about it.
For other devices, how to find the location of it to execute the command?

Those "0x" numbers represent the location in Hexadecimal numbering (usually used to show positions/information in binary files/programs such as an image) - it's already been "found".

I assume you mean for all/another device(s) and another image?

  • If the bootloader remains untouched (most OpenWrt devices) the manufacturer
  • If the boot loader is manipulated per the Wiki - the user would know

If you're just curious:

  • The location information (if needed) would be in the Wiki
  • To find the setting, you would look at a device's bootloader's environment configuration
  • The binwalk program can also show where positions/sections of images, locations begin/end, etc. (NOTE: it won't tell you where on the device sections should be tftp flashed/copied)