Default to log-async on dnsmasq

Is there a reason the default /etc/dnsmasq.conf file does not set the log-async option?

It seems like a reasonable setting to minimize syslog contention, and fs write delays.

I was having issues around both of those points (I run heavy logging) and setting log-async=5 in the .conf file fixed that.

Before that, after running a while, I'd lose DNS, and would see this in the logs:
Sat Apr 11 00:31:38 2020 daemon.err dnsmasq[3111]: failed to send packet: Resource temporarily unavailable
Then the process would crash and restart.

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^^^ This! Tried that setting and big improvement on MT76 platform.
I added this to my /etc/dnsmasq.conf

#Log async for improved performance

Seconded, that should be the default.