Default PMK-R0 and PMK-R1 keys expiry timer for 802.11r FT Roaming

Hi Everyone,

Is there any specific reason to choose 14 days as default key expiration time for 802.11r FT roaming?

Is there any side effect if we choose lower or higher value?


# Default lifetime of the PMK-R0 in seconds; range 60..4294967295
# (default: 14 days / 1209600 seconds; 0 = disable timeout)
# (dot11FTR0KeyLifetime)

# Maximum lifetime for PMK-R1; applied only if not zero
# PMK-R1 is removed at latest after this limit.
# Removing any PMK-R1 for expiry can be disabled by setting this to -1.
# (default: 0)