Default network interface devices under 21.02 should I change (Multicast / Accept local packets)

As the topic says I see new options under 21.02. Avast a new TAB. network > interface > devices

I see multicasting under this tree with multicast support options such as 'Force IGMP version'
and 'Force MLD version' I notice this is 'off' by default, I have 3 computers hooked up to a x86/64 box should I enable any of these options, also how about Multicast to unicast / Enable multicast fast leave.

Also something else that strikes me is "Accept packets with local source addresses" Also 'off' by default. Shouldn't I be enabling this as well? It sounds important to me hence why I bring this up here.

Curious about this new setting too, Packet Steering
Enable packet steering across all CPUs. May help or hinder network speed.

Anyways I'm glad to see TX queue length an IPv6 options in here nice to have this in a GUI finally.

Good work on the latest release!