Default network configuration on a new hardware

I am working on adding support for a MT7621 based product that we are bringing in the market. The board is Mikrotik RBM33G and OpenWRT 18.06 already has support for this board. This board as 2 PCIe slots. Our product will have 2 PCIe slots populated with QMI based 4G LTE cards. These are essentially USB devices and QMI driver detects them as expected. We have tested this by manually adding new interfaces using 'Add New Interface' button and all works fine. In order to support this on bigger scale, we would like to have these 2 network interfaces created by default in /etc/config/network.
Can someone guide me in how to add these 2 interfaces by default in the configuration. Is there any guide on setting up default network interface?
Thanks in advance.


Thank you juppin. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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