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Try to build 22.03.3 image for PI4. I noticed many packages are now marked "Modular" by default. How to remove them i.e. I want to change them from modular to "< >". The reason is it takes very long time to build the image and gives several errors from some packages.

I don't have so many packages marked modular by default when building image on 22.03.2.

It is very time consuming to manually change modular to "< >" one by one, I am wondering if there is quick way to do that?

Have you accidentally selected "build all packages" by any chance?
(E.g. by copying config from buildbot downloads)

That is used by the buildbot, but is crazy for normal users...

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Thanks. I download the official build config and then add packages. Works fine

It has many M packages pre-defined even without selecting anything

You do not need any "official build config". There is none.

You are better off by starting without any .config and then just selecting your device.
You will get just the same "official defaults", but without tweaks for the buildbot, which will actually hurt you (like now).

nope. I did delete .config file and start make menuconfig from scratch, still have bunch of modular packages pre-selected.

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