Default lan-br dhcp fails for VMware guests with a bridged network interface


I've replicated this behaviour over several openwrt versions and vanilla vmware configs and devices.

If a vmware workstation host runs any VM guest os in bridged network mode whilst the host PC is connected to the default lan-br network, that guest VM OS will never connect and fail to receive a dhcp address.

Is definitely not the vmware config as any test setup lways works on any other openwrt interface , and fails the same way only on any other vanilla openwrt device.

I'm suspecting some sort of additional security layer exclusive to lan-br that limits 1 ip to one mac address perhaps, but its gotten really annoying after a few years working around NAT issues in my dev environment.

anyone experienced this or got any ideas how to get around this?

thanks in advance!

It is common problem of VMware, not specific for OpenWRT:

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Thanks for the reply @ulmwind , however may I please highlight what I previously mentioned: the bridged interface works perfectly fine in all vms connected to any dhcp networks based on all other interfaces of any OWRT router....It is only connections to any network stemming from the default lan-br on several later OWRT firmwares that can be repeatably shown to fail 100% in absolutely every scenario.

For vmware's network editor settings (mine were are default) to cause such a highly brand and type specific fault it would seem very odd indeed.

Incidentally, all other router firmwares I've tested with the exact same group of test machines all work perfectly with bridged VM network interfaces (ddwrt, proprietary linksys/huwawei/tplink/netgear etc)

There are many forums that suggest vmware's vmnet editor solution for other similar sounding issues, but I think this cant apply in this case. (Many are also reporting that this type of solution did not help).

For good measure I've gone back and re-confirmed that this particular suggestion has no impact on solving the problem, so the search continues!

What OS is the host running?
I only use bridge mode (all other modes removed with the vmware network editor)
and it works perfectly fine. (Host is a windows machine and guests are debian machines)

multiple win10 host workstations give the same behaviour. (lenovo/asus/toshiba laptopns) All gust OS ive tried also give the same issue.. eg debian/windows7/windows10/ubuntu/android/vm-openwrt

OPENWRT routers I am using are all from LinksysWRT family (1900acs/W32x)

vmware network editor settings makes no difference whether default or heavily fiddled with trying to provoke change.

This thread decribes another with the exact same issue of DHCP Snooping MAC Address Verification creating this issue.