Default gateway problem

I set pptp vpn and everythings work fine

change defult gateway to wan and use VPN policy

routing to set only two device use pptp vpn but

nothing happen device uses wan anyway

any option in luci VPN policy routing beside add policy set name and ip?


Set a metric for the pptp interface instead.

uci set'10'
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart
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thank you for reply
uk gateway metric
wan gateway metric is 40
this is my firewall

my goal is to set only one device use vpn by vpn policy

I can set default gateway my vpn and specific what device use wan in vpn policy but doesn't work opposit way

hi again it would be great if you can help me with this problem

when set wireguard as default gateway every things work fine

but if set wan as default and use vpn policy and set one device use wireguard

just my ip change and nothing happen

I don't know what i'm did wrong really

I tested the same configuration and I can confirm that it works as expected.

You switched from pptp to wireguard but it doesn't matter.
Remove the wan interface metric (if any) and set a metric only for the vpn interface.

If you are sure that the other way around works, you can get the same result creating just one policy if you invert the match using an exclamation mark (!)

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thanks for reply I will test it

thanks again

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