Deep links to Luci configs

I see myself opening the luci configs a few of times every day to enable/disable a couple of firewall rules for users anytime they are allowed to have or not have network access.

Is there a faster way to either get the deep link to enable/disable a rule or is there a cli command to do the same?

If you know how to work with uci, you can set an enabled=0 for a specific rule to disable it from CLI and then reload firewall.

Ok, looked at the docs and tried the following:

uci set firewall.@rule[10].enabled='0' # or '1'
/etc/init.d/firewall restart

but that doesn't change anything. If I do uci show ... the rules have changed but in the gui the rules are still in the same state and don't change.

nvm found How to enable/disable a traffic rule from the shell?

why didn't I see that before?

Did you commit or Save/Apply the setting.

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