Decompile to activate w1 (onewire)

I struggled to activate w1 and then found that from v21.02.0 away I have to do different. So, this is my first time in decompiling a device-tree.

I found this on the "boot" partitition of my RPi3b+ sdcard:

Then I chose the and copied it to my desktop and ran the command i found in the w1 docs here.

Unfortunately, i ran in to a problem i don't understand:

It seems like the docs are wrong.
I read in the help file that -O is the Output format and -I is the Input format.
Aren't they flipped?

Still, it does not find my file. Why?

And more general, will this process be simplified in future?

Seams like i miss understood the dtc dtd ... as this first dtd stands for the file. Maybe it would be good to write dtc XY.dtd ... or similar... @Elux011

I got the OPi.dts file with errors, but lastly my RPi3b+ does not have an pinctrl@1c20800 Section.
It looks like this:

Where do I add the w1-pin{...} and w1-gpio{...} declarations correctly?
And how do I find out the hex address of PIN7 (GPIO4)?

I haven't used OpenWrt on an RPi, but the standard way of enabling DTS-overlays with RPi is to just...add them to the /boot/config.txt - file. If there's w1-gpio.dtbo in /boot/overlays, all you need to do to enable onewire is add the following line to /boot/config.txt and reboot:


Or, if you want to use some different GPIO-pin instead of GPIO4, which is the default, use:


That's it!


I have no Idea.
The descripted way is the way i use for my 20+ W1-devices to got running. I think, it is not so much complicated...

You are right, at RPi (Broadcom) this Section named "gpio@7e200000". The used names are depending from the used Drivers.
more information about the drivers you can read at

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