Deco X50 5G bricked

Hello my friends,
I have a TP-Link Deco X50 5G bricked device, there is no any offical way to recover the device, Sorry to open this thread here but i wonder if there is a method to recover the device? i have read that we can do the recovery in couple of ways:

  1. Http Uboot (which dosen't work for me, device reboots during the recovery process).
  2. Tftp tool which i don't think it works for me.
  3. SSH via failsafe mode which i am not sure wether this device supports it or not

i apperciate it if you guys help me on this issue considering I'm noob and not expert in this field.

Thank you in advacne

The X50 isn't supported by Openwrt, we know nothing about your device.

But serial seems accessible

Thank you frollic,
As i undrestood from your answer i should do something related to hardware to enable the serial port transfering? sorry to ask these questions, i do not know enough in these stuff.


Thanks again, i ll try it :pray: