Debugging Wifi throughput issues with brcmfmac

Hey everyone,

I have the issue with the r8000 wifi as described here: Netgear R8000 WiFi issue (19.07) log included in this closed issue.

Basically, the wifi hangs randomly on both 2.4ghz, but worse on 5ghz (so all 3 radios) for 30s to 2 minutes before returning. These issues seem to come in phases. Ethernet is fine during these times.

I've been using collectd to report and rsyslog to collect logs during the freezes and there is no output in the logs at all during this.

So my question is, can I get more detailed logging out of brcmfmac? I noticed the included firmware for brcm/brcmfmac43602-pcie.bin is September 2015 - but the newest does seem to be November 2015. I tried updating, but that seemed to kill 5ghz (2.4ghz was okay with that firmware)

I've tried with the snapshot build too of openwrt too, but then I can't get wifi working at all. wifi config produces an empty /etc/config/wireless.