Debricking Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition

Hey there, guys. The title is self-explanatory, but here it is
my router was shipped with the 3.2.30 firmware, and it was the English/global version. I tried to flash the latest OpenWrt, albeit for the v2 version, using the exploit.
But I guess my router was the v1 kind. So it never booted up again
orange light staying on.
It does go to the safe mod with a blinking orange light and when using the Tinypxe the light blinks fast and turns purple, but it stays that way and won't flash all the way through
so what are my options now ? Is it fixable ? What can I do ?
Thanks for the help in advance.

I had two of these R4A Gigabit router. Both of them had disfunctional TFTP recovery. :see_no_evil:

You need at least serial access, but if you are unlucky, you have to reprogram the flash.

Do you happen to have console log from invasion to writing firmware to flash? Maybe you missed something easily recoverable :crossed_fingers:

Damn. I was hoping to avoid that and just do a software debrick

Sadly, I don't. I think I deleted it right after without checking. But my biggest suspicion is that I flashed a v2 firmware on a v1.
also, my stock firmware was 3.2.30 which is a version that apparently no one has ever heard of !! I would love to get my hand on it tho.

You need to open the case, there is no easy recovery from such a bad flash. V1 and V2 are completely different.

It's mentioned/known by OpenWRTInvasion...

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oh i saw that ! i just need to find the file to try to flash it . let me know if you come across that !

Still I'm not 100% percent sure about that but if it needs a jtag or something like that , i think i have to get another one cause i dont think i could get my hands on a flash programmer

Disable windows firewall for debrick tool to work.

already done that . sadly nothing has changed