Debricking Linksys WRT610N v2

After updating the firmware, I could not get into the router via ssh. The Internet was working, though. I decided to do a factory reset.
After that, the router does not boot normally. Restore via management mode is not available. Through serial port I get unreadable characters. maybe it's the adapter. I am using HL-340.
the only available restore mode is via tftp. But the router does not flash the successfully sent firmware. I know about the 4mb limitation and use snapshot
How can I restore this router?

You need working serial connection.

HL-340 appears to be RS232 to USB adapter.
Are you using an additional RS-232 to TTL level convertor in between the HL-340 and your router?

If you have direct wired Tx, Rx and Gnd from the HL-340's 9 pin connector to the router, you may cause serious damage to the router's serial TTL interface !

I recall spec of RS-232 signals is 'upto' +/- 15 volts and the signal is also inverted. However, the HL-340 might only deliver +/- 5 volts because it is powered by USB.

You need to use a 3.3v serial-TTL USB adapter such as a PL-2303TA etc.

fyi, A good guide for recovering 'vintage' broadcom based Linksys routers such as WRT610n
In my experience, the NVRAM needs to be erased.

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I'm basing my advice on my experience with the wrt610n v1.
While that device has a push-button tftp recovery, it's misconfigured by the vendor (and has other quirks, which easily crash it), breaking that option - so serial console access is necessary, to load/ flash the image from CFE. Serial console access must be 3.3V, if your adapter gave it 5V or +/-15V (up to +/-25V allowed), you will have incurred permanent hardware damage.

Thanks for the answers. I was able to connect to the serial port using rpi.
As it turns out, my lan doesn't work. I set up a firewall to connect via wan.
How do I restore completely? I tried sysupgrade to the stock firmware, but nothing changed.

See if this helps to debrick your device

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