DeBricked Sky SR102

Hello Friends , today i try to install openwrt on sky sr102 with serial port but now my router is bricked & only power is on , power is orange.
Please help me. How can i find file sky sr102 for flash with programmed Flash?
How can i fix it :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
Please help me

What exactly did you do to install OpenWrt?
Did you follow the steps in the Wiki?

And you were warned, that this is a complicated model to install (ref).

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So you did not include a new/modified CFE and tried to flash the OpenWrt image only?

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Get a new device.


Not what you want to hear, but: do yourself a favor and get a decent router.


If I interpret the Wiki page correctly (I don't have neither this device nor any other Broadcom router), you overwrote your bootloader (CFE) with the OpenWrt image. This turns your device into a paperweight. Yes, you can resurrect it, but you will need JTAG to write a new CFE to the flash (see here). And then you have a limited Broadcom-based device with 100M ports and 400MHz CPU only.
While it's a good idea to reduce e-waste, sometimes it's the better option to upgrade to a new device.


By reading my previous post again.


I just don't know which base I should connect to where exactly?
I would be grateful if there was a photo for guidance

You own the device, you post a photo ...


Now you read my post a third time and discover the link to the Wiki. The Wiki page contains an image with the pinout (in the serial section, but you can clearly see the JTAG pins).
It seems to be possible to connect an SPI flasher instead of the JTAG flasher - there is also an image in the Wiki.


Why were you doing this in the 1st place?

You already knew the wifi would be garbage, and the *DSL non working ...

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Because the stock operating system no longer works with dsl operators, at least in my country, Iran

Ok, and what would you achieve by installing an OS specifically saying the DSL modem wouldn't be functional ?

I wanted to use it as a wired router, hoping that one day the problem of wifi and dsl might be solved

Where is the IC FLASH ? ( for program with programmer )
Please help me

Excuse me, I soldered 4 wires to TDI, TCK, TMS and TDO and connected them to the back of the parallel port of my computer according to the instructions.
But it doesn't flash with the jtag-win program!

Can I get results by removing the IC flash from the board and editing the sky-sr102-cfe.bin file instead of jtag?

  • This is not what the instruction in the Wiki state
  • Do you have a JTAG Programmer device connected to your parallel port (picture below)?

  • And where are you going to connect the removed IC?
  • Are you familiar with editing BIN files (i.e. this is not a easy task)?

Did you tie nTRST to +V? Do you really have a computer with an integrated parallel port? It won't work with USB adapters.

You should really start reading. In the wiki it is clearly stated that the BGA chip is on the back. I wouldn't go this route.

However, the Wiki also marks SPI pins connected to the flash, this could work.

In my country there is no such jtag programmer to buy.
Can it be made at home?

I thought you should just connect the wires together!