Debrick Xiaomi MI 4C INFO solution

This is not asking for help just notice for future update
I successfully moded usb on this router but when i tinkered with some new custom firmware snapshots i bricked it.
How to debrick it.

  1. Download some older revision of OEM firmvare (miwifi_r4cm_firmware 3.0.16_ENG.bin did the trick)
  2. Rise pxe server with dhcp offer on
  3. Rename firmware to test.bin (important step)
  4. Connect Lan 1 (one dotted port) to PC
  5. Steps to initialize self flashing:
  • Switch off router
  • Press & hold tactile reset taster before turning it on
  • Turn it on
  • Release reset tactile taster after about 15-20 sec
  • Wait till led become blinking blue
  • Power cycle router
    After this router should be restored to factory
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I build this guide for easy installation...

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