Debrick xiaomi mi 4a 100m

Hi I think you can help me , I debrik , router gone blue light blinking and after I debrik it, restart router, it go to boot loop(orange light) again I don't know what to do :((((

Please help me

It possible the router is gone for ever? :pensive:

When I try open wrt, the light is go white, when I try official firmware after 5m i upload the .bin file , the light go blue and blink after that I reboot the router it roll back to bootloop and never get fix:(((((

Which stock firmware are you uploading? There’s an international version and a chinese version that i know of. Ive had both and each of them only accept their own versions. I also don’t think you can debrick with openwrt firmware.

i debrick the router with this firmware 2.18.28 its work
thanks for reply to me :slight_smile:

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