Debrick Archer C6 V2 EU to official tp-link firmware

sir please i want you this tool asprogrammer its right tool for flashing because ch341a programmer tool is not detect this name chip w25Q64JV.

Here is a new version new version ch341a programmer

The firmware is a modified one flash it without any worry.

sir please tell me your dump file is EU yeah US

because my router is Archer c6 eu see my screenshot in below

Your router is EU and the dump I send you is EU.

Flash it.

When you flash the dump,and it boots up just do a reset of the router to reset the password so you can set your own.

Ok sir, i will do it

@Sensei ,sir, i have C6 v2 JP as i read, hardware same v2 EU , i try to flash in both way that EU file, by web interface & by tftp64 method but getting message File Invalid not success ,
**OpenWrt file working OK, but cannot back to Stock Firmware with tftp64 or web, device again brick then only can upload OpenWrt again not even that JP version back , but "i want to back TP-link English"

pls. need help Thanks :handshake:

Hello i know its a old post but.
I have the same problem tried to flash the fulldump but it doesnt work.

Maybe can help someone