Debrick Archer C6 V2 EU to official tp-link firmware

Hi guys,
If you want to go back to stock firmware on archer c6 v2 eu.

1.You need a eeprom flasher like the cheap CH341A eeprom programmer or use any eeprom programmer.
2.You need a working openwrt or bricked c6 v2 eu version.
3.Some soldering skills to desolder and resolder the eeprom chip.
4.HxD Hex editor to edit the full dump.
5.You need the download bin file in the description.
6.ftp server to repush the official firmware downloaded from tp-link.

Desolder the eeprom and solder it to the CH341A adapter or use a cliper as in the photo

Open up the ch341a software and do a detect chip,usualy it's a WINBOND W25Q64JV. For better take a photo prior disoldering to see what type of eeprom chip it is.

Read the dump and save it somewhere as Originaldump.bin and create a second copy of it.

Download the file on the link.


Open hxd and drag and drop the downloaded file unbrick.bin to HEX EDITOR.

Ctrl+a to select all on the hex editor and copy.You need this to paste to the Original dump.

Now drag and drop the Originaldump.bin you created early with the eeprom and go to offset 00030000 and paste write as in the photo offset 00030000

You will see something like this in the end of the paste. offsett end

Now save the file with the hex editor. The hex editor will create a new Originaldump.bin.bak as a backup of the original file.

Now flash the Modified Originaldump.bin.

Erase the flash chip.write the modified Originaldump.bin and verify the buffer if it's the same.

Desolder the eeprom chip and resolder it to the archer c6 v2 board. Let it cool a little as it did a good job being Hot xD.

Power on and let it boot.Check if it did boot by going to or

if you see the stock tplink welcome screen to put the new password just shut it off.

Go download the latest firmware from tp-link site for the Archer c6 v2 eu and put your archer in tftp mode.

Go to your network addapter and change the network adapter ip to and netmask

download tftp server from the link tftp64

Open tftp go to browse and select the folder with the official lattest tp-link archer c6 v2 eu version.

Rename the official lattest tp-link archer c6 v2 eu version to ArcherC6v2_tp_recovery.bin

Now power on the router with the reset button pushed about 2 to 3 seconds and let go. You will see that the tftp server will poopup a windows trasfering the file.

Let it flash the firmware.

Go to network adapter and sett to obtain the ip address automaticlly.

Go to or

And here you have the stock tplink firmware.

Hope you enjoy your router.

If you consider donation in crypto.

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Thank you.