Debrick Archer C2 without de-soldring EEPROM

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I already found some information regarding this case but one question left, and tho i cannot post anymore to that thread, it would be still nice to have some answer.

So the case is bricked my C2, i exactly know why and it was totally my fault.
Only power is on and when I turn on the device internet led blinks once thats all.

Original topic:

So my understanding is i need the CH341A kit, and i also need the dump that I downloaded from the location given on this topic:

In last post (first thread) Gunner mentioned the he was able to read/write the chip without de-soldering it.

There is a picture attached but its not visible at all how he attached the clip to the chip that way. Any idea?

That is a standard special test clip that fit with connections raster measurement to the specific SO format chip you want to connect to.

You pretty much open it up, take careful aim and release it over the SO case.

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These ones for example.

Thanks you, my CH341A is till on the way, so i didn't know i can just simply clip it on. Nice information! Appreciated :slight_smile:

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Actually I got it back to life successfully with the CH341A kit without de-soldering the chip, but its a little bit tricky to put on the clip properly. It reads/writes the chip most of the time but giving some CRC error when not connecting properly so i had to play with it. (like 20-30 try to get a proper connection without CRC error and chip can be verifed).

The russian firmware was working fine, and I could also update it with EU firmware after it. Openwrt successfully loaded as well.

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Got a bricked c50(eu)v1 and, like you, I've read that it's possible to rewrite the chip using the CH341A usb.
Some questions please, I'm below newbie in electronics so I home hope my questions don't sound dumb :slight_smile:
This CH341A kit includes SOP8 or SOIC8 clips? Which one to use for my c50v1 router?
How do I connect these components so I can communicate with the chip?
What Windows software should I use to rewrite the chip?

Hi, actually my kit only came with 1 clip, but you will definitely see which one fits on the chip.

As a tool I just used google and found more than one for this purpose. As an example Neoprogrammer can do the job.

The hardest part is inserting the clip on the chip the way that every pin will connect. I was struggling with that for a while, but not impossible. First you recognize the chip with the tool and then you read it. If that is successful, you can save the current code that is on the chip, and write the new code on it. To make sure you done it right lwhen you finished writing the new code just read it again and see if there is no error.



Tx for the help, managed to revive my c50(eu)v1.

All the best!