Dead slow wifi with TP-LINK TL-WR941HP v2


I have TP-LINK - TL-WR941HP v2 and hoping to find someone who had problems with this device and solved it (hopefully).

Story in short, the wifi part of this device is extremely slow 30mbps max, I ensured that cable is delivering full speed and the source internet is around 300 Mbps and I got most of this speed using old laptop network card, even the LAN ports of this device worked fine as I remember, using the wifi from zero distance on all channels (no inference) and even after playing with bandwidth it is still dead slow...

I tried the latest firmware and the speed of wifi went down to less than 5 mbps .... I have no clue to what region my device belong but checked all tplink websites and they all have the same firmware version, all what mattered is V2 in the model number.

I thought to ask here hoping someone good with firmware might have tried this device and know how to fix this?

Searching online many people complain from this device and I found no solution but I know sometimes people fix things without reporting it...

Please help if you know how :sweat:

Are you using OpenWrt or the stock TP-Link firmware? We can help you with OpenWrt related issues, but if your problems are occurring while you are using the stock firmware, you should ask TP-Link support or on their forums.

If you're not already, you can run OpenWrt 18.06 on that hardware, but this version is obsolete and is not recommended for use anymore. You would probably be better served by buying some new hardware.