Ddns update ip script on openwrt router or at computer(Linux);


Iam just about to move a web service from remote paid cloud to my home.
I would need a service to update the ip to registrar, Gandi.net.

What is the best approach; A script at openwrt or a script at the server pc; and why;

Thank you community :slight_smile:

On openwrt as your router knows best when your WAN IP changes.
NO need for a manual script just install DDNS Client

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Do you have static and public IP at home?
I don't know if gandi supports ddns, it is not mentioned in the list. That would make the update of the wan IP more difficult, but not impossible.

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I have setup my ISPs modem as bridge and a Linksys for pppoe and router work.
My ISP provides me with a dynamic changing IP address.
What I found about Gandi is that offers an api service for this change.
Iam learning now this process.

It can be dynamic public, or dynamic private/CGNAT.
DDNS requires the former.

Well I see,
its public now. It used to be private but I called ISP and changed to public, I have tested a while ago and i can see my web service from outside lan with the ISPs ip.

Your router knows the public IP address firsthand, and when it changes; your computer doesn't.

How is possible to see my public IP from luci or from cli; I use a Linksys acs1900 router with the wan setup as pppoe

On the "Network" > "Interfaces" page.

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