DDNS successfully configured, but not able to "ping" the host

Hi folks,
I'm successfully convert from AVM Fritz to OpenWRT. While I tried to configure a DDNS service, I got an IP-adress and successfully update the domain. Nevertheless, I'm not able to resolve/ping the host...
Does anyone has an idea?

From where are you trying to resolve it? From a lan host or from the internet?
Can you try to force the query from a public internet resolver?
nslookup your.ddns.de

ah okay, nslookup via internet resolver is/was successfull! Might be a small thing I forget to configure...
thanks and best

... after reading the documentation again, it looks like, that I MUST add a curl and bind-host on the local router?

As far as I know it can work with wget as well. There are some exceptions where you need to use curl. The requirement for bind-host applies only when

  • Force the usage of either IPv4 or IPv6 communication only.
  • DNS requests via TCP

thanks so far for you support.. due to fact, that I use a "compatible DDNS service provider", why the ddns scipt doesn't handle that topic?
Nevertheless, I found out, that by default the ddns-scripts uses BusyBox build in 'wget ' for DDNS updates over http, which I use so far...
I'm a little bit confused...

Which topic exactly?
Just to clarify, has your initial problem been resolved already?

nslookup works pretty fine, also from the local side.. nevertheless, I assumed, that the "link" to the (ddns) hostname would be initate by the script itself, so I would be able to ping the host .. but may be I'm on the wrong way...

I am not sure that I follow you here. Are you trying to ping from a lan host the wan IP?

exactly! Or do I make errors in thinking?

Nope, no mistakes, it was just not clear to me.