DDNS-script are stopping randomly

I am running ddns-scripts inlcuding luci-app for years and just recently it appears that they do stop responding and I cannot figure out why and when. Any idea on how to debug?
Once I do restart ddns again everything works fine for all dynamic dns targets but then it stops again...no idea why. Nothing in the logs that I could find by now

How to debug?

currently running wrt1200 ac with latest snapshot:
Model|Linksys WRT1200AC
Firmware Version|OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r13527-61307544d1 / LuCI Master git-20.160.76921-16f443b

I have the same problem. Did you find a reason?

Not that I do remember :slight_smile:
I guess you should raise a (new) bug if still encountered

That app is a disaster. It is no longer what it was...

My problem might be related to the fact that my 'lookup hostname' was the same that is in my DHCP Hostnames tab. So the lookup probably returned the local ip instead of the public one. I changed the lookup fqdn to one not in the hostnames list. Let's see how it works