DDNS Issue Repeater

i have 2 routers
1 dsl-2730u stock and 1 dir-600 with openwrt
i have network on 2730u and dir-600 as the repeater
on my server i have a self hosted ddns and it works fine
the dsl router doesnt support custom ddns
i set the ddns on openwrt with ddns-scripts but in logs i get this

 165126       : verbose mode  : 0 - run normal, NO console output
 165126       : check interval: 300 seconds
 165126       : force interval: 259200 seconds
 165126       : retry interval: 60 seconds
 165127       : retry counter : 0 times
 165127       : No old process
 165127       : last update: never
 165127       : Detect registered/public IP
 165127       : #> /usr/bin/nslookup pc.domain.com  >/var/run/ddns/myddns_ipv4.dat 2>/var/run/ddns/myddns_ipv4.err
 165127       : Registered IP 'some_ip' detected
 165128  info : Starting main loop at 2021-03-28 16:51
 165128       : Detect local IP on 'network'
 165128       : Local IP '' detected on network 'wan'
 165128       : Update needed - L: '' <> R: 'some_ip'
 165128 ERROR : No or private or invalid IP '' given! Please check your configuration
 165129 ERROR : No update send to DDNS Provider
 165129       : Waiting 300 seconds (Check Interval)

i know whats happening its trying to connect with which is a local ip
the router has network connection i can ping or anywhere i want
is there anyway i can workaround this?

Ask your ISP if you can get a public IP.

thats what im trying to avoid

In that case, no.

Get a VPS or ask someone you know, with a public IP, if they can forward your traffic.

i own many servers in a local datacenter all up and running and thats where im hosting the ddns
im trying to get it to work with a ddns or something similar is probably assigned by the dsl router, so your dir-600 is not actually running as a repeater, but double NAT.
Log into the dsl router to check whether you get a public IP. And configure dir-660 ddns to not read the IP address from an interface, but get it from a URL.

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the router is running as a repeater with the ip and connected to the dsl router with as a client with ethernet(in the internet port)

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