DDNS IPv6 update wrong adress

Hello Community,
i have a small issue with updating DDNS for IPV6 at my provider dynv6.net.

I get a /128 address from my ISP which OpenWRT won´t use for some reason. I tried to set it to "URL" for detecting the IPV6 address, but OpenWRT gives me an error which tells me that he couldn´t detect the local IP. I tried the options "network" and "interface" instead, but i only could update the address to the "WAN_6" interface which is a "2003:XXX" address, but i guess i need the address from the WAN interface, beginning with "fe80:XX".

So how do i convince OpenWRT to use the IPV6 from WAN (pppoe-wan). I would also be happy if the update via URL would work, as it does with IPv4.


Nothing is wrong here.
fe80:XX is a Link-local address, you don't need to advertise it outside of your network.
Only Global unicast addresses like 2003:XXX should be used for the updates.


Okay. But why does Wireguard not connect then? My other WG clients are all using IPV4, but i have got one which permanently tries to connect via IPV6, which has the right address now as i know now, but unfortunately no handshake happens.

Do i need a specific Port-Forwarding rule for IPV6, even if WAN and WAN_6 interfaces are included in the source?

This topic is about DDNS, please start another one if you have issues with Wireguard. etc.


Thanks for clarification.

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