DDNS - 'check interval' without 'force interval'?

i have set check interval to '6 hours' (via URL) and force interval to '0'.
Then, on the 'DDNS Information' page 'Last Update' gets updated with current timestamp and 'Next update' to 'stopped'.

What does this mean exactly? I want to have the IP checked every 6 hours without any forced update. Is the 'check interval' still running and updating the IP if necessary? Or is the script 'stopped' and the 'check interval' disabled?

Edit: I've re-set the values and now 'Next update' shows 'Verify'? What does this mean?
The log shows: 'Waiting 21600 seconds (Check Interval)' on the last entry.

The timezone of 'Last Update' is shifted by +1h compared to localtime (shown on LuCI/Status/Overview). Is this a bug?

OpenWrt x86-64 SNAPSHOT r15901-117b833d61
ddns-scripts 2.8.2-7

I can't answer your questions, but I'm curious why you don't want the force update to occur?

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My IP changes every 2 months or so. Then it should update. Why should i force it earlier? My DDNS provider (nsupdate.info) doesn't have an expiration time if i reckon correctly.

That last comment is (my understanding of) why the "force" option existed in the first place, to make sure that even very stable IPs which wouldn't otherwise need a change were poked so that the account stayed active.

Like i said, i can't answer your question specifically, but i'd also comment that the force update really isn't going to cause any harm so i'd be inclined to just leave it.
Hopefully someone else can give you better guidance but i wouldn't be too concerned in either case.

The default settings in Gargoyle are to check every 15 minutes, and then force update every 3 days. Could you set a limit high enough so its only forced every few days? I don't know if the OpenWrt version of the scripts has any limitations

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I guess the 'stopped' state was a glitch (sometimes 'XHR timeout' appears after applying setting). The 'Verify' is correct i think. The log shows proper 'check' cycles.

The DDNS provider explicitly asks to not send any updates unless the IP has changed. Doing so will result in a statistical 'client error'. Too many of them will trigger an 'abuse' state.

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