DD-WRT to OpenWrt script


I would like to know if I have a script command to use in dd wrt, it is hard to modified to use in dd wrt? If it is possible.... cause pure vpn and flashrouters for example provide a script to create "mypage" on status tab in dd wrt, when we open mypage, that opens kind of app to use with our vpn provider, to change servers etc....


The only general advice possible in this regard, is using DD-WRT's information to revert back to the OEM firmware - and to go on with installing OpenWrt from there.

Yes I know and this what I've done but my question was about, now can I do something to take a command in dd wrt which was a applet to use vpn , create on dd wrt, and add here ?
You can check the pics..

Shouldn't you ask Flashrouter that question?

After all, they made the app.

There are apps for certain VPN software technologies; but not setup packages for particular companies (that I know of).

For example:

Yes, you can install and use the curl command in OpenWrt; but I'm totally lost what that picture has to do with OpenWrt.


The pics are about what I meant about the script and vpn applet.... if I can use that kind of script . But I guess a script in dd wrt can not be used in open wrt without some changing I guess..