Dbus is not getting root privileged with credentials change from root to admin


I am using openwrt (chaos calmer 15.05 ). We tried to change the root user name as admin, We have modified in below-listed files to change the user name from root to admin, and modified the password successfully.

We are facing issue with bluetooth, dbus is not getting root privileged.

List of files:

Please help me to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

First you really need to consider upgrading to >=18.06.2, 15.05 is unmaintained and has several high profile security issues.

Secondly, no, you can't change the username for root, not without extremely invasive changes - and even then it would be a very shortsighted idea which would blow up in your face in more than one place.

Hi Slh,

Thanks for your quick response. We don't like to expose root to the external user who configures our router from web interface(luci). Instead, we would like to expose admin to the external user and need to ensure that dbus daemon and any other services which are making use of dbus are not impacted because of this change.

But if we change the root to admin, we have issues with Bluetooth, PulseAudio and D-bus Daemon breakdown, Dbus-daemon is having permissions for " root " user to run the Bluetooth services.

There are some more configurations files in dbus and bluetooth are having permissions for " root " user. Please find below.


Please suggest us, how we could address this issue.

Thanks in advance.

The suggestion is not to change root as @slh said and don't use ancient software as it's unsupported.

I have enabled luci multi-user package to solve my dependency.

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