Dbdc not working on mt7615n

ok so i have been hacking/modding the bt whole home wifi disk for fun to make it a openwrt access point it has a MT7621AT cpu,16 mb of nor flash, 128 mb of ram and x2 MT7615N it is very similar to the dir 882/ dir 878 and dir 867 a1 versions here is some pics of the board and a mod i did so i can easily reprogram the flash and access serial

one of the MT7615N chips have been removed due to me shorting it out and breaking it while measuring some pins i have 2 replacements but i have no soldering stencil so i am waiting for some solder balls to try and use but to my question I'm having a problem enabling dbdc I'm using firmware 22.03.2 compiled for the dlink dir 878a1 when i try to enable dbdc i get this error

and it doesn't create the other phy here is the iw phy output after trying to enable dbdc

could this be because the firmware is compiled for 2 MT7615N's and one isnt detected so it wont work or is it something else

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I've tried this with dir-878 to put 1st mt7615n into DBDC ..
To start even before custom compilation make sure you update DTS to remove freq limit

&pcie0 {
	wifi@0,0 {
		compatible = "mediatek,mt76";
		reg = <0x0000 0 0 0 0>;
		mediatek,mtd-eeprom = <&factory 0x0000>;
		ieee80211-freq-limit = <2400000 2500000>; # must be deleted

then on some occasions eeprom firmware might be required
and last step is described here

My result was (5Ghz) network was visible like normal in system and config but not visible by clients . 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz from 2nd radio was visible all the time

Hello I also own a BT WIFI Disc and would you ok to share the Uboot and compiled Openwrt ?