DavidC502 wrt1900ac v2 Build ExpressVPN strange issues

David, I love your build, using it on my wrt1900acv2. Unfortunately ive encountered a strange issue with this build and my VPN... I use ExpressVPN from my Unbuntu and Windows PCs. After installing your build the ExpressVPN app said I was successfully connected, but I was unable to browse the internet. After furthe troubleshooting I identified that TCP and UDP connections were saying (The VPN app indicated) I was connected when my traffic was going ?nowhere? I managed to get it to work using inferior L2TP... but Im feeling kinda sketch about why my VPN app thinks its connected when I cant surf. Anyone have any ideas on why this build would not allow my VPN to connect using TCP/UDP? Id be happy to troubleshoot further, anyone else experiencing this issue?

To explain further, I switched back to LEDE stable, and did not have the issue with ExpressVPN... Not understanding what I need to tweak on your build to allow my VPN traffic to get through, perhaps heightened security I need to do something with port forwarding or firewall? The weird thing is that the app makes a 'successful handshake' while browsing the web immediately shows otherwise.

There's not anything you have to do, port forwarding or anything else. I just tested my VPN service on TCP and UDP and without issue, but that's not to say you're not having any. This was a test to make sure there's nothing wrong with the current build.

Go ahead and connect again, and please test the following.

From either windows or linux open command line and ping From there do a nslookup on cnn.com

I'm wondering if you're not getting DNS resolution for some reason.