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Looks like in recent builds, the reboot command has stopped working, at least it has for me.

I use this command for my nightly router reboot, and I think it's the same as what the reboot functionality in the Luci UI uses, which also is not working for me. The UI just hangs for a little while and reloads the page without having actually rebooted.

The only thing that does work is using reboot -f, but this causes the router to reboot to the alternative partition.


Try uninstalling luci-theme-material and see if you can reboot with bootstrap.



I have just installed the latest version on a WRT32X and I am getting the following error from syslog repeating over and over:

Wed Nov 21 17:07:17 2018 user.warn igmpproxy[5270]: MRT_DEL_MFC; Errno(2): No such file or directory
Wed Nov 21 17:08:22 2018 user.warn igmpproxy[5270]: MRT_DEL_MFC; Errno(2): No such file or directory
Wed Nov 21 17:09:34 2018 user.warn igmpproxy[5270]: MRT_DEL_MFC; Errno(2): No such file or directory
Wed Nov 21 17:10:10 2018 daemon.warn odhcpd[2508]: A default route is present but there is no public prefix on br-lan thus we don't announce a default route!

The system seems to work correctly!?

What could be the problem here?

Thanks for any help


The igmpproxy is there for people who have IPTV. You can disable the service and you won't see those messages anymore.

The odhcpd may have something to do with ipv6, but am not sure.

Both are nothing serous.


Thanks David,

I do have IPTV but, for now, as a transitioning issue, it goes thru another router (WNDR3800 with OpenWRT as well and has been running for years without any issues) that is between my fibre to the home connection and the WRT32X. So, I have two routers in line and an unmanaged switch downstream from the WRT32X (fiber -> wan R1 lan -> wan R2 lan -> SW).

The odhcpd message occurs every 5 seconds por so, which seems a bit excessive in the syslog. :slight_smile:

The reason for having this setup is that I want to use wireguard for certain devices but obviously not for IPTv or SIP, for instance.

Thanks very much for your prompt reply and for the work you put into this.


On the latest build, I have a weird issue where pages such as editing radio under wireless, will "refresh" very strangely. On many pages the whole page refreshes instead of updating how it did before, it seems to make browsing Luci more difficult and annoying, not sure whats going on.

WRT1900AC v1


Consider uninstalling luci-theme-modern if it give you too much trouble. Bootstrap appears to be working correctly.


I have the same issue when clicking the reveal wifi password button, which basically refreshes the page before you have time to copy it.


@synergy Yes thank you, this is the same thing Iā€™m experiencing.


This was a known issue and has already been fixed in latest snapshot ... that's the price to pay when your builds are based on "latest & greatest" :wink:

Edit: for reference, https://github.com/openwrt/luci/commit/241b90c7f66dd08bca4ff89ea7cfe8aed9823bdd


It wasn't a known issue when I first encountered this a few days ago. And you were the one who reported that.

For those who are too lazy to reflash:

Are you also experiencing an empty Memory section on the homepage (using Material theme)? I don't see any bug for that reported.


Today I upgraded my 1900ac V1 to the latest build 8466. The upgrade when smoothly, and except for the reported issue on the software tab things seems to be working ok. David, thanks for your fine efforts maintaining this build - it's certainly a build with all the goodies one needs.

I do however seem to be getting a lot of these kernel debug messages in the logs

Fri Nov 23 23:27:37 2018 kern.debug kernel: [36562.458766] ieee80211 phy0: Mac80211 start BA <MAC Address>
Fri Nov 3 23:27:37 2018 kern.debug kernel: [36562.865079] ieee80211 phy0: Stop BA <MAC Address>

The MAC addresses vary, but there are occasions whe there is a string of 'start' events for the same MAC address.

I know they are debug messages, so I'm wondering if they are anythig to be concerned about in terms of Wifi stability or functionality.


Actually I'm glad you brought the memory section up. I have the same problem with r8466, the Memory Section on the Status page is empty. I'm not quite adept enough to formally report a bug so I haven't done so.


Still struggling to find easy way to get Wireguard working for one antenna/radio and non-Wireguard traffic for another antenna/radio. :cry: :cry: I'm not even sure where to begin since there are not any guides or specifics for how to do this. Does anyone know how? Can we do this with the WRT3200ACM build?

Thank you.


An idea (but no promises if it'll work!):

  1. Create a new interface (Network > Interface) and under "Physical settings" bind this interface to a specific interface: i.e. wifi radio wlan0 or wlan1

  2. Set up the IP addressing so the range is different to other addresses - if your router gives out leases in the 192.168.1.x range, your new interface could give out in the 192.168.2.x range

  3. Using the vpn-policy-routing package, set it so that requests from a certain IP range (e.g.. those in the 2.x range) are routed to the WG instance.

Caveat: No idea if this works but it's worth a try!


As luci-theme-material continues to have issues, I'm thinking about switching over to luci-theme-rosy because it is being actively maintained. If you haven't tried it, just uninstall material and install rosy.


first time openwrt user, installed on wrt32x, basic usage (sqm qos, adblock) is very fine, material theme is indeed not working

thanks davidc502


I'll give that a shot as soon as I figure out how to do that.


luci-theme-rosy works well for me and has corrected some of the issues I have had with luci-theme-material. The only issue I still find, which may be independent of the theme, is that on the Status Overview page, the Memory section is still devoid of information.


Added an issue for Rosy -- Memory no values