Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds


The info under Overview/Memory is not available. Total available, Free, and Buffered.


Me also, same problem. But just with material, with bootstrap theme it's working


Software section is not working. I can't install collectd-mod-cpu.


Does anyone else with a wrt32x have " Unknown/Compressed " listed as the Firmware for both partitions under Advanced Reboot?

Furthermore, if I boot to the alternative partition (which I assume is Linksys by default?) how do I go back to the OpenWRT partition? Just power cycle?


Install it from command line OR uninstall material and then use LuCi.


I don't, but it sounds like a bug as we've seen something similar before. Can you post a screenshot please.

Correct, use the power cycle sequence to go back to OpenWrt.


Just a after thought... The next build will have luci-app-statistics included again.




Has anyone had r8466 working on a WRT1900ACS V2? I am continuing to have the same problem I describe above-- after upgrading and rebooting, I can access the router through LuCI but I can not SSH into it, nor do I have internet access despite LuCI System Overview reporting I have a valid external IP Address connection. I'm not sure what else I can do to explore the issue; comments are welcome.


Doesn't look like any of the software packages in the software section can be install at all.


Read above, it has already been commented on as well as workarounds.


Firstly Wow Davidc502 awsome software thanks so much for all your time and effort.
I have a question for you guru's.
I am used to merlin running on asus. I have very little experience with command line. I have used ssh, putty, and winscp a little.
I just got a used Wrt 1900acs v2.
My research led me here and i installed your latest factory image and the upgrade file.
I am trying to set up openvpn and have managed to import the file provided by Vpn ( Windscribe).
For the life of me i can't figure out where to enter the credentials as in password and username.
I have tried to find a tutorial but i get confused . Am i missing a menu somewhere??
I am trying to use a vpn to see if my ISP is traffic shaping my Iptv streaming.
With my old 600mhxz rt66u i had horrendous buffering. With your software everthing is working better.
But most evenings i get throttled between 8 and 11pm or could just be neighborhood saturation.
The vpn guys use ikev2 as there default in there windows clients and browser extension.
Is an ikev2 connection possible?
Or am i better using openvpn on the Wrt1900acs?
I was hoping the horsepower of the router would compensate . My Samsung tv is hardwired.
My connection is 70down 10 up.
Anyway THANKS again.


By way of an example of one way to tackle the issue (GUI centric).

Append to /etc/config/openvpn:

config openvpn 'windCA'
	option config '/etc/openvpn/windCA.ovpn'

config openvpn 'windUSNF'
	option config '/etc/openvpn/windUSNF.ovpn'

which will give you X number of selections in GUI (in this case 2), which you can switch between as needed. For each of those you would have a file /etc/openvpn/windXXXX, so for US Netflix(windUSNF):

dev tun

;proto tcp
proto udp

;rport 53
;rport 80
rport 443
;rport 1194
;rport 54783

remote wf-us.windscribe.com

;remote wf-uk.windscribe.com 53

## CA-West
;remote ca-west.windscribe.com

## US-Central
;remote us-central.windscribe.com

## US-West
;remote us-west.windscribe.com

auth-user-pass /etc/ssl/private/auth.conf
## deal with GW, route, dhcp options
;redirect-gateway def1
;pull-filter ignore redirect-gateway
;route vpn_gateway
;route vpn_gateway

resolv-retry infinite

auth SHA512
cipher AES-256-CBC
verb 3
remote-cert-tls server

key-direction 1

;;;;; CERT / KEY stuff here or external

with the string auth-user-pass /etc/ssl/private/auth.conf pointing at file containing your authorisation information. (There are commented strings included which can be ignored)

If you are CLI orientated you could just have the one file and edit accordingly.


Linksys firmware has an open to reboot to previous firmware - which just swaps the partition. I've found to be a great method to get back to WRT vs power cycling..


Thanks a lot ... I will look later um where do I put my Windscribe username and secret? Or is it not needed?


Yes they are needed, and the two strings go in the file I indicated as containing your authorisation information.


Thanks anomeone.
I can't use vi.
So pword goes in auth.conf ?
Or i create auth.conf and ssl it to that directory?


OK, we're drifting off from this threads topic, I'll respond here again, but you might want to consider opening a thread.

If you are uncomfortable with vi, see if nano is included in image; most non-*nix people seem to use that editor. You could just create the file on a windows box and scp it over by whatever means available. In my example I did call the file auth.conf, and place the file in /etc/ssl/private directory, but it can be whatever you want, and then auth-user-pass openvpn config points at the file. That just happens to be a reasonable place to expect such a thing to reside.


Okay i will try not post again. Much appreciated i will attempt from winbox.


I've made a similar client-setup towards NordVPN-server.
I followed this guide

In short:
The file specified under β€œauth-user-pass" should contain the following:
first line is your login, second line is your password