Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds

I think what you are asking about is split tunneling. I've heard about some people doing something similar. Example... Netflix and Hulu goes straight to the internet, and all other traffic goes through the vpn tunnel. Take a look at VPN bypass.

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Maybe also look at: VPN Policy Based Routing at VPN Policy-Based Routing + Web UI -- Discussion

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Hi :slight_smile:

Unless you have copied it correctly, it should work immediately.

I don't know what OpenWrt version you are using but try to remove luci-modulecache and luci-indexcache ... files from tmp.

I copied the usr and www folders/files to the root of the router and checked that all files copied to the proper subfolder. I assume i don't do anything with README.MD and temp.PNG...

I'm running DavidC's build r12235.

Same error after removing the the modulecache folder, and the indexcache file...

Any other ideas?


If you really want to copy manually, do it as in the picture, only these folders are copied, nothing more is added to the router .. this is how the folder structure should look.

Otherwise, install the package.. I have these files myself on the MASTER version (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r13013-5f126c5) so it works 100%.

Luci is still rewritten, I don't know what version it was in that release, but you can delete my files and try to copy only what I put in the old.rar file


Unfortunately, I have no other ideas.

I have the same problem, with both copying the files manually or using the package. Seems baseclass.js is missing and I'm not sure what provides it.

Delete my files and try to copy only what I put in the old.rar file

"Linksys WRT1900AC"
"Linksys WRT1900ACv2"
"Linksys WRT1900ACS"
"Linksys WRT1200AC"
"Linksys WRT32X"


Unfortunately, I have no other ideas.

I booted to original linksys firmware partition and flashed from GUI "openwrt-mvebu-cortexa9-linksys_wrt32x-squashfs-factory.img".

Sorry, part of configuration was missing from first photo, as I don´t know right commands in SSH. New try. I post wireless and network settings also.

damn and blast!
I though the dnscrypt failure failure was because I had in /etc/config/dhcp

`list dhcp option '6,'`

and not

`list dhcp_option '6,'`

but no....

The old.rar works for me, thanks.

Does anyone have an answer to what provides baseclass (/luci-static/resources/baseclass.js) either there's a package I (and @brewder) don't have or the file goes missing somehow, maybe during an update of luci-base? Not sure, and unfortunately I can't re-flash my 1900ACSv1 over and over to find out, it needs to be reliable for the time being.

opkg list and opkg search are not returning anything here, even with -A and passing filenames that I know exist.

with the last build, tomato interface, wrt3200acm, impossible to create new interface via LuCi.
only via ssh, but it works with the ''regular'' open wrt but not with david's build...

is it just me??? Anyway' I need to create an interface for wireguard, not sure How from SSH, any help would be great.

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No, you´re not the only one. Me neither can create new interface or edit interfaces via LuCI. I have WRT32X.


I apologize, as I totally misread your original post.. For some reason I thought you were talking about wifi. Anyhow, I tested using 2 different themes and both fail to create a network interface. This appears to be a bug. I have not tested, but imagine the work around would be to do it manually via ssh as you mentioned.

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OMG! I find a source of seruous cap for 5G netoworks, and it's not firmware.
Some time ago, Microsoft change TCP stack settings in one of updates, and this is the source of the problem.

So... Issue: You have around 150Mbps cap at iperf3 performance. Samba, etc, suffer as well.
Solution: Issue this command at you rig, using Admin CMD console:
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=experimental

Reboot and check, this return all transfer rates back to normal for me.


If I wanted to install a clean OpenWRT build on my 1900ACS instead of your builds, is there anything that I should keep in mind? Any packages that are needed or recommended, or settings?

I am experiencing so many weird issues now that I can't seem to pinpoint. From my wireless radio disabling itself and not turning back on to dnsmasq refusing to give out IP addresses or resolving. Maybe you are making changes that are needed for these devices that aren't in the standard repo?

Hi guys, I think thi sis an awesome project but Luci has been a little tricky to be honest (creating interfaces has not been working). I am looking for someone who could perhaps help me set my WRT32x safely and how could perhaps help me remotely, I am willing to pay for the service if reasonable in price.

Currently I have been trying to setup VPN policy routing, I added my devices to the list but everything is still going through the vpn. in the interface part i can only choose myvpn/wan/wan6. I am guessing I need another interface to enable direct internet access for some devices that being said Luci doesn't allow me to create new instances. my SSH ability is very limited.
I basically want some devices to be going through VPN and some to go through regular internet.

Thanks in advance... David I am happy to send you $40 worth in BTC if you can help me set up a good and fast setup, I am using mainly my vpn fro my ps4 as i live in Vietnam and having my AWS server running for vpn it gives me much better ping for gaming. the rest can use regular, but sometimes i would like to connect to it as it also improves my internet video calls too when going through vpn. but AWS is so expensive I would also like to have the option to revert back to normal internet so I can do updated and downloads rather than AWS.

If someone can help me for free even better, but I believe i helping a community and i am offering what I can afford. Thanks in advace.

Are you trying to manually implement it or are you using the vpn-policy-routing package?

If the first, you're looking at advanced routing and firewalling as far as I know. I myself have never understood iptables and probably never will.

If the latter, if you scroll all the way down its readme page, there's a section called Basic OpenVPN Client Config that contains the exact minimum settings you need to make in order to have it work out-of-the-box. And it has a nice Luci GUI for you to set your policies in.

Works on these builds too, unless you start giving all your interfaces crazy names. But since you're working in Luci instead of uci I am - respectfully - guessing you're not at that level.

The only thing it doesn't account for is a DNS resolution thing. That one I have sort of figured out. It's easy enough if your VPN is your default connection and you want to prevent accidentally going over your wan if the VPN is down.

PS How can they help you remotely if your internet doesn't work? :wink:

Thank you, I'll give it a try.
Funny joke at the end there lol

Reset configuration and install r12230-2020-02-14, the last good build before new wifi firmware update which brought a lot of problems for wireless, blocking clients connection after a while and many other quirks. Or clean install OpenWrt 19.07.2 standard build, same after a reset, and add packages you need.

You can try vpn-bypass with LuCI interface from the same dev., much simpler to configure ports, IPs, domains to go outside VPN tunnel.