Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds

About you external drive question.
I use external HDD all the time, so yes, it have automount (i'm also mount one of the partitions as a swap as well).
The speed and response are WAY better then use eSATA, in compare with USB3 connection. low-level give all HDD apeed (106mb/s in my case), and Samba gives up to 90MB/s on read. Well, i wish to try to use SSD one time to see the real limit.
I use combined eSATA/USB power cable (it's supported by port), so i recommend to buy it.

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Are you running the Super Hub 3 by any chance?


Yes I am! In modem mode, obviously. I'm aware of the issues some users have with these devices in router/AP mode, but as you can see, the issues only appear to manifest when the WRT32X is in use, not with the Airport.

Is there some weird interaction between the linksys hardware and the modem? :thinking:

Done and done:

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Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds
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This thread is dedicated thread for davidc502 builds. Please ask questions related to the builds here. However, keep in mind, if your question is not answered to your satisfaction in this thread, feel free to post your question in the "Installing and Using Lead" forum as there is usually a much larger audience of experts who can help.

Current images built and distributed.

WRT1200ac Version 1 and 2
WRT1900ac Version 1 and 2
WRT1900ac Version 1 and 2
WRT3200acm Version 1
WRT32X Version 1

Website: https://davidc502sis.dynamic-dns.net/ 79

I feel the focus of these builds are for beginners to intermediate users as they provide some of the more popular applications found without being too bogged down. If you have an idea of an improvement, let me know as your thoughts are always welcome.

If you have a question, but don't want to post it in this thread, send me a private message, and I'll respond as soon as I can.

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Thank you! I have corrected the 1st post in this thread.

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I don't know anything specific regarding the WRT32X and the SH3. I just wasn't aware you know about the issue with it even in modem mode with erratic pings even directly pinging the modem locally.

Sorry staying off topic one more post. This may close the loop on this latency issue. Are the links below the possible cause of @WiteWulf issue and not the WRT32X?





WRT3200acm Version 1
Yesterday I updated to
Lede SNAPSHOT r7210-14cb05909a
Everything works as before, but Privoxy stopped working. Was fine on prior LEDE on this router
Have been using Privoxy with OpenWrt / LEDE on WRT1900AC (ver 1) never problems
Deleted / Reinstalled Privoxy: No Dice same settings as before no luck

P.S. Has anyone installed Privoxy compiled for Compression? I would love to give it a shot, but I'm not
up on compiling (last time was MS BASIC 7.1 for DOS & OS/2 in 1990s)
Thank's David for an EXCELLENT Build!

Mariano - Please accept my apologies for not being more specific in my response to the post by directnupe. The issue I experienced was in fact with the Material theme. I personally do not like the Dark Matter theme due to its aesthetics.
After I upgraded to the newer build using the .bin file, do not keep settings, the buttons on the startup page were stacked on top of each other and did not seem to be rendering properly. Cleared my caches, rebooted and it was still there. At first I ignored it, but when I discovered the issue with not being able to change the LAN interface, I reverted back to my previous version and all was fine.
Not sure if this issue is specific to mamba devices but it would seem so as directnupe and I both use the same router.

Mariano - Thanks for your response. Aside from the additional config tweaks, that was actually the main reason, not having automated updates. In hindsight, your comment on using a one-year old blacklist made a lot of sense to me so I decided follow your lead and switched over to using dnscrypt-proxy for adblocking. I installed the public blacklist from https://download.dnscrypt.info/blacklists/domains/ and it is working flawlessly. Not sure if one can specify multiple blacklist files in the .toml configuration file but I would also like to add the domains-blacklist-local-additions.
Thanks again for all the help.

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Still struggling with ping/latency but just wanted to chime in with a quick update on the above: it seems the Amazon equipment (Dot, Echo and FireTV at least) have a lot of problems with DHCP. I've found loads of threads with respect to these devices on Microtik and other open source router platforms. It seems Amazon's DHCP client implementation is buggy as hell and the recomendation in these instances is to give the devices static IPs.

I thought you had a separate device to handle DHCP requests, so that the IP allocation mechansim would hvae been the same with both the apple airport extreeme and the wrt32x as your gateway.

Yeah, I've been experimenting with using the built-in DHCP server and my LAN server to see if that was causing issues with the LAN connectivity. When running the DHCP server on openwrt I see loads of cycles of DISCOVER and OFFER but never any REQUEST or ACK from the Echo and Dot devices. Very odd behaviour that seems to be sorted by disabling the openwrt dhcp instance on the LAN interface and using my server instead.


Thanks for this build. However, I will never use UPnP, so I figured I'd remove the relevant packages. I think I'd only remove these two to remove UPnP and it's associated LuCi GUI:


Do I have that correct or are there more to remove?


I would just leave it there, it won't hurt if you dont use it...
Im using UPNP for my Game consoles (and only for them!!), works just fine and so far i do get the open NAT status in every game !

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If you want to have the 2 blacklists enforced, just collate one into the other and that's it :slight_smile:

That's weird, as Material works fine for everyone around here ... and I have a ACS 1900 v2 !

Okay, this will hopefully be the last of my posts re. wrt32x. It's working!

I finally had the time today change all of my LAN to, including my server and the few static IP devices I have configured. I put the latest davidc502 build back on the wrt32x, booted it up, turned off dhcpd on my server and everything works. EVERYTHING.

All devices are happily getting DHCP leases first time, pings and jitter are back to normal, wifi stations are disconnecting after 300s inactivity rather than 5.

I'm stumped, I really am. There's obviously something deep inside that really doesn't like the change from to, something's not getting updated properly along with the NIC change. I dunno what, but it's working now and I'm too tired to debug anymore to find out why. That's for another day... :weary:


Congrats and that's good news. Glad to know there is little to fix on davidc502's builds. I've always run my network on so haven't seen this issue. The high latency issue really concerned me because I do game where the lowest latency/best network performance is paramount.

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