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Hi Dave,


Thank you T-Troll!

true. I deleted the -e 8)

can I somehow speed up the torrent client gui?
transmission gui responds very slowly under windows or timeout when one or more torrents are running
Compared to the WRT1200, I don’t feel any speed increase in the gui reaction

I am using vm.vfs_cache_pressure=1 in the sysctl.conf but it doesn't really help
does it make sense to change the cache pressure from 100 to 1?

Installed the newest @davidc502 build last night with Linux kernel 5.4, everything started up quickly and looked great. Rather than keep my old settings I decided to start from scratch for a change. Oddly I had no internet connection, it was like it couldn't connect to my cable modem. Is there any default setting now that has WAN disabled? I checked firewall and interfaces and didn't notice anything missing. I'll check tonight when I get home, might have just missed something simple on my end. Thanks.

Hi phinn,

try restarting the modem.


Yea I did several times, and restarted networking on the router too. Couldn't connect. Gotta be something weird I'll look at it tonight. Was just thinking maybe a default setting changed i didn't know about.

EDIT: got home and rebooted the router and it's working, no idea what was going on but it's all good.

See thread, openssl has hand crafted NEON assembler for the critical bits.

A quick question on memory USED as reported by the GUI in the STATUS-OVERVIEW page.

When I reboot, USED Memory is at around 50%. It then keeps climbing until, for example, at about 3 days uptime it is 94%.

Should I be concerned about this? Should I ever let it get to 100%?

@davidc502 updated to your latest on my WRT32x, the one with new kernel 5.4.42. Tested my 200Mbit cable internet on dslreporst.com/speedtest, held 215Mbits with straight A's to Overall, Quality, and Bufferbloat. Enabled 5GHz wifi it works great, and my USB 3.0 storage is running fast 80MB/s+. Thanks again for a great build.

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Yep, Kernel 5.4.42 has really boosted things.


I have got CPU Frequency working on my build nicely on my internal build on WRT32x (Using the same .config as DavidC's builds)

What does Memory graph showing Is Statistics -> Graphs ?

Reason i ask is because

Overview shows

But Statistics Graph shows

I'm looking at dc502wrt.org and only see kernel 5.4.41. Where is the version with 5.4.42?

Just install the newest build it's 5.4.42, he probably just didn't update the text on the page.

I think there was a bump to be had with these two

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I think that was why it was bumped, however i don't even know what XDP is for to be honest.

3 days later another 20MB of dnscrypt-proxy, linear growing day by day

The OpenWrt page is really out of date. What's the best way to enable USB 3.0 storage (have a 3TB portable HD)? Is it just to install "samba4-server" and "luci-app-samba4"? Thanks.

How are you going to format the 3TB drive.

Depending on the file system you format the 3TB drive on will either result into only requiring Samba 4 packages or if you will need to install extra packages for the file system the drive has been formatted to.

Being a 3TB drive means you won't be able to format it as FAT32 with leaves exfat or ext4.

It's formatted NTFS and it's mounted. I could reformat but it's been that way for a couple years and has worked well in the past with that file system. I can only use the drive right now if I SSH into my OpenWrt router and browse /dev/sda1, for some reason the share isn't accessible from my Windows 10 (version 2004). I just see the folder name but it won't open, never had this issue before I updated and wiped away my settings.

Is it showing in mount section if so then, your good to go!

2all about RAM issue:

Try first issue the command /bin/sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches, then check again.
If free RAM return back to startup level - all things going right, it's just file caching using it. If not - yes, seems like dnscrypt is leaking. You can switch to dnscrypt2 or smartdns in this case.