Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds

Hi davidc502,

I can't install kmod-ipt-nathelper-rtsp package. It´s seems doesn't exists.


Still on Version 1. That is correct.

I double checked the configuration, and nathelper is set to build. Looks like it failed somewhere along the way of compiling.

If time allows today, I'll see what went wrong with it.

You just uploaded the same version? I did not understand. I have exactly same version from 21th September.

I just haven't updated the main page yet.


Did a fresh flash to the latest Davidc502 firmware available for the WRT32X and ran into some odd issues.

  • LuCI had some very weird problems with needing to reloading various web pages multiple times, some of them outright refusing to load sometimes.
  • Sometimes web interface icons for the different sub menus would refuse to load, and would just be rectangles or squares.
  • Had some issues with attempting to upload other firmware (for example, the vanilla OpenWrt firmware).

Mostly, I had what appeared to be odd web interface issues, sluggish and needing to reload pages sometimes made me go back to the stock OpenWrt 18.06.04. I didn't gather enough information or logs on this, but I also did a double flash to the David502 firmware straight from the latest stock, and also cleared settings back to factory defaults, and still was experiencing these issues and wanted to pass it along.

I love the look of the new theme, but not sure if that's contributing to this - or if it's something with LuCI itself.

Regardless, all I'm able to say is by doing clean flashes to the latest official OpenWrt 18.06.04 on WRT32X I don't seem to be having those same issues.

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This fixed the unresponsive UI. I've the WRT32xb.

uci set uhttpd.main.http_keepalive=0
uci commit
/etc/init.d/uhttpd restart

Not sure if I'm going to rock the boat just yet as I got it all setup and working last night, but is there a reason why this fix isn't included or baked into the firmware by default?

Appreciate the follow up!

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No worries. Do you know where to change that value prior to compiling?

I have no clue - only just became aware of this fix myself - would it be worth reaching out to the developer in charge of LuCI for guidance?

Additionally, I'm wondering why the variance between stock and your builds in this regard. I don't have the same issue with stock OpenWrt - but something with your builds appears to be causing this, and I'm assuming based on your reply you're not willingly changing that setting already. So it begs a bigger question potentially on why is this happening in the first place.

Unfortunately as just an end-user myself, the only thing I can really provide here is my own experience with the issue myself, and based on what I saw - I would say not having that fix embedded at least until the deeper root cause is identified is a problem for your build.

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What is this that I see over and over again in my logs:

daemon.info dnscrypt-proxy[12183]: dnscrypt-proxy Refetching server certificates
daemon.info dnscrypt-proxy[12183]: dnscrypt-proxy Server certificate with serial #1570496379 received
daemon.info dnscrypt-proxy[12183]: dnscrypt-proxy This certificate has expired
daemon.err dnscrypt-proxy[12183]: dnscrypt-proxy No useable certificates found

I've refreshed the resolver list numerous times via the Luci interface. What could be going on here?

Also this every 5 minutes:

cron.err crond[2638]: USER root pid 30863 cmd /sbin/fan_ctrl.sh

If not using dnscrypt-proxy feel free to uninstall it. After uninstalling you won't get any more logs. Currently, it's just sitting spinning without a configuration.

The 1900ac V1 has a fan and hence a cron job to run the fan based on cpu temperature. If you don't have a V1, then it is ok to comment "#" out the fan script. After commenting out you won't get any more logs for it.

I so far did not find any very coherent (at least for my paltry acumen) directives for configuring dnscrypt. Stuff I've found either presumes a level of understanding quite a bit beyond mine, and so leaves out a lot of the basics, or is aimed at systemd installations. I do have a v.1 WRT1900AC. The fan runs on reboots but otherwise doesn't.

I totally get it. What parts are you struggling with and I'll help out where I can. Also, I do have a script that will do all the work for you, but I do recommend understanding before running in case you ever need to go back or something happens and are stuck without dns.

As to the V1, I owned one for a couple of years, and the fan will not run unless thresholds are crossed. Those thresholds by default are fairly high, so you may never hear the fan if the cpu's are not stressed.

Part number 1: there is no dnscrypt-proxy.toml on this system but some instructions direct you to modify it. Do I need that file, or not? More to come. Thanks for your offer to help.

For part 1. The .toml configuration file only works with dnscrypt-proxy Version 2. Version 1 is baked into the current build and hence why you don't see a .toml configuration file. I know, confusing :slight_smile:

Option 1. Use the manual script from the dc502wrt.org site which downloads and configures everything for you. I.E. uninstalls version 1, installs and configures version 2.
Option 2. Manually uninstall version 1 (opkg command), and then install version 2 using command line opkg. Then manually configure the settings.

Does that help?

Thank you David. Unfortunately I am experiencing further confusions. You speak of a "script" available at the link, but the only thing I see at the provided link are links to your firmware images and upgrade files. Should I be understanding, perhaps, that the upgrade files, which have the .bin extension, are the scripts to which you're referring? I do believe I've used opkg (as opposed to the Luci interface) to remove/install software. A script that downloads and configures everything sounds like the most appealing option, so if you can offer further clarification on that I would be appreciative.

PS I do have some aggressive ad-blocking enabled and I did see something in an OpenWRT wiki entry regarding dnscrypt about a possible race condition that can be encountered when using both. Any cause for concern there? (see https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/dns/dnscrypt_dnsmasq_dnscrypt-proxy under Local System section)

LATER EDIT: I think you probably meant to link to this page: https://dc502wrt.org/dnscrypt/ , where there is a link for a zip file that contains a script such as the one you described.

EVEN LATER EDIT: I downloaded and ran the script (chmod +x required). It seems to have succeeded. Problem now is that the Luci menu item for dnscrypt no longer works and trying to access it results in a termination exception. So I may be meeting with success on getting dnscrypt working, at least.

Clear browser cache and the dns-proxy v1 menu entry will be removed.

I got "uci: Entry not found" after I tried "uci commit". The UI is still very sluggish after this. Any thoughts?

I am on OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r11086-4fc0a61ed3 / LuCI Master (git-19.264.32154-6dba41c) and 5GHz is very unstable. The signal becomes invisible every two days or so. Anybody else having 5g issues?