Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds

ubootenv get boot_part doesn't workin ssh on OpenWRT its another command.

1) Use the fw_printenv boot_part command to learn the current Partition in use.

2) Use the fw_setenv boot_part (1 or 2 – the opposite number returned in Step 1) command.


4) In OpenWRT GUI – System – Backup / Flash Firmware: Upload the new ’sysimage’ file for your Router & Hardware Version. MAKE SURE THAT KEEP SETTINGS IS SELECTED.

5) After Firmware Upgrade is finished the Router will automatically reboot.

Thanks David! I realize now it is the IP given to my router from my fios modem. Thank you again for all the hard work.

Yeah, I was curious about that as well :slight_smile: With some ISP's using NAT, it didn't surprise me, but thought it could also be behind another router too.


I understand that this method is only for DD-WRT.
I'm just a user, and not very savvy specialist on these issues. I saw that DD-WRT can do such a thing.
And I decided to ask if there was anything like it on OpenWrt.
Maybe I vaguely spoke out because I am not a native speaker of English.
You should not be so touchy. These are just questions to figure out.
OpenWrt is what I need.

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Hi, is disabling IP6 a simple case of just stopping the WAN6 interface or are there further steps? Thanks in Advance

That should do it, but here is a little more information.

Hi David,

I had this issue and I also switched but for me the hanging issues are all gone now.
This is on a WRT1900 ACS v2.

Here is my list of installed packages:


Perhaps it helps you :slight_smile:

Dear SuperMouse,
Heelo and yes - you were a bit vague initially by not describing the DD-WRT method of achieving what you desired from OpenWrt. However, on my behalf - I apologize and wish you well as you embark on your adventures and use of Dave's Builds. Generally, people here are very helpful in this Community and go the extra mile to assist others. I would say that in the end - you got the answer to your question as well. Anyway, Welcome and God Bless. Also, a softer kinder respectful tone is always best when employed by all concerned parties.


Thank you for the additional information.

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The Devel ATMaterial theme has just been merged to Master, For those that liked the Router Name being in place instead of the router OpenWRT Logo do not worry, I am going to place that as another theme with all the corrections made with devel just minus the logo so you can choose between the both of them. Will be uploading the .ipk in the releases area soon enough.

New Default Theme:
Uninstall atmaterial theme via the WebGUI then SSH in to your router and issue the following command

wget https://github.com/solidus1983/luci-theme-atmaterial/releases/download/V1.0/luci-theme-atmaterial_Master_all.ipk && opkg install luci-theme-atmaterial_Master_all.ipk

@davidc502 so your going to need to include into your feeds.conf

src-git linksysmaterial git://github.com/solidus1983/luci-theme-linksysmaterial.git


Not a problem. Will do.

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Okej thanks. I will try that.

What command do you type to check wifi drivers?

Does david build have diffrent QOS types? (I don't remember)

Yes it has both QOS and SQM, with SQM QOS it has

Cake, fq-codel, pie and codel.

You can also install sqm-scripts-extra which has extra sqm's but are experimental.

As to find what driver you have ssh in to the router and use

ls -l mwlwifi*

Thanks, going to give it one more try. I’m using Openwrt right now. Can I just use the upgrade.bin too get this firmware on my part2 drive? And one thing, what settings are you running on wifi? I’m going too use 5ghz. Is the wifi stable with the latest driver?

using sysupgrade will flash to the other partition, I have been using the DC502 WRT firmware for a while now and its stable as a rock on 5Ghz on 80mhz bands not sure fully on 160mhz as i don't have the new Wireless card yet as its coming from germany.

Also the Original theme without the OpenWRT logo has been compiled simply SSH in to your router and use the following command

wget https://github.com/solidus1983/luci-theme-linksysmaterial/releases/download/V0.1a/luci-theme-linksysmaterial.ipk && opkg install luci-theme-linksysmaterial.ipk

This will download and install it at once and you can select it by clicking linksysmaterial in the WebGUI this is a pre-release though as i need to make some changes still on both themes.

There really needs to be a FAQ for OpenWrt with this basic stuff. Never knew about this for fw upgrades. This along with 'best practice' settings for Mvebu routers for Wi-Fi settings (the biggest headache for us mwlwifi users), QoS/SQM, SFE, etc. so the same information doesn't need to be constantly repeated would be incredible.

I'd be happy to start one if I could pin it to the top of these forum threads.

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SQM QOS or even QOS isn't a one class fits all, each broadband connection is completely different.

As for firmware upgrades etc information about this is here: https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/wrt_ac_series

New wireless card is here and for the life of me i can't get 160mhz to work on the WRT32x.

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Is the 160mhz width not working because "Radar Detected"? and then 5Ghz drops?

I've been able to get it working on the 3200acm, but after radar is detect it dies. This is because the width (160) crosses over into DFS territory.

Nope i change channel to 160mhz and after that 5GHZ just doesn't show up at all only the 2.4Ghz range shows up.

Soon as i place it back to 80mhz all is working again. Its wierd, will more time to test tomorrow. But now dealing with a latency issue as the AX200 has increase latency from 35ms to 122ms.

Edit: 160mhz is working now, Reflashed back to stock and then back to OpenWRT. On top of that i restored my backup file which was made today and it works, just takes longer to come up still having issues with latency on my new Wireless card but it also happens on stock so its not a firmware issue.


Upgraded from OpenWRT with my saved settings and the wifi is working.

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