Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds

Dear Dave,
Thanks for the great builds - long time since I gave you a shout out. I speak for many if not all when I say - I wish to extend to you my most sincere gratitude for your time, efforts, and patience in making us all feel like a community,
As far as the new name goes ; I am with boktai1000 and I second the ( E ) motion - Smokey Robinson reference for

davidwrt dot whatever pleases you

Peace and God Bless Always,


dwrt would most certainly be confused with dd-wrt, especially word of mouth. dc502 would keep the reference to your username and it's specific enough to avoid any confusion. Side note, I found two typos on the homepage (with out / without and harware / hardware).

If anyone wants to start a gofundme page for a permanent domain/hosting costs, I'll put down $20. Anyone else with me?

Thanks for reading -- The 2 typo's are fixed.

Appreciate the thought but not necessary.. Domains are cheap these days.

Regarding anyone with WiFi issues I have done some research and discovered the following:

  • The last releases by @davidc502 use the 10/12/18 release (kmod-mwlwifi).
  • The last official lede/openwrt release was on 31/1/19 (18.06.2) and uses the 14/11/18 version.
  • The r9133 snapshot has the same kernel version (4.14.95) as the above release, which should mean the mwlwifi driver from the official release is compatible with the snapshot.
  • However, I am not sure when the wifi issues started as if it was after the 14/11/18 release then we would need an earlier version.
  • I could not find any snapshots with the same kernel version as 18.06.1 (4.14.63), which is what @eduperez drivers are for. Except the updated version he created for @WildByDesign, which should also be compatible with the r9133 snapshot.
  • If @eduperez is right and there are more recent stable versions of the mwlwifi drivers then the closest snapshot to the last release by @eduperez is r8466, which has 14/11/18 (same as 18.06.2) drivers.
  • The snapshot prior to this one (30/10/18) has 29/10/18 drivers, which may be better if the 14/11/18 ones are not.

So after all that I see two options:

  1. Use the r9133 snapshot with the drivers in the official release from 18.06.2.
  2. If the wifi is still an issue then use @eduperez ec0adbf driver with r9133.

Hopefully this makes sense and is a bit helpful :slight_smile:

Just a clarification about the mwlwifi drivers:

  • Development of these drivers is being done at https://github.com/kaloz/mwlwifi; all versions of the drivers are available there.

  • I just build packages with those drivers, so people with a stable OpenWrt install can update their drivers.

  • I normally follow the upstream repo, and build new packages (for the current version of OpenWrt) when I see something interesting there. But I also accept requests for specific commits and versions of OpenWrt.

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Indeed and I guess the downside of using snapshot builds is that the kernel version is constantly changing. My knowledge of OpenWRT and Linux is limited so I am not comfortable building the packages myself, so I appreciate what you do @eduperez and @davidc502.

Also: I found you can download the drivers as a package (ipk) from https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/ if you delve into /18.06.2/packages/arm_cortex-a9_vfpv3/base/ and /18.06.2/targets/mvebu/cortexa9/packages/. Though these are not as updated as yours.

Hi David !

Thanks for all your work with OpenWRT. I have seen too late for your DNS issue and I updated my router.

Now I cannot update the package. I have modified the opkg.conf and replace the domain by the ip address but it doesn't work... The issue seems to be with the certificate...

If you have a solution :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !

@Rnm just edit the /etc/hosts file and add the following line: davidc502sis.dynamic-dns.net

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Nice thanks

I haven't think about host file... I'm dumb some times :confused:

I don't have the certificate set up yet, but this domain has dns resolution. https://dc502wrt.org

Right now I can't extend the new domain to my certificate because the davidc502sis.dynamic-dns.net does not resolve... hummmmm wonder why... lol

Anyhow, I should have the certificate issue resolved when changeip fixes the domain.


SSL Certs can be a pain at times i know that for experience. If you need anything give web space wise give me a shout.

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Dear Dave,
Hello - and I wish you well. The new name is " perfecto ". I am a retired English Teacher and struggled to come up with a winner with the right " ring " to it. You seem to have done quite well by relying on your own best judgement.
Kudos - and thanks for all you do to keep my routers humming right along. I have come to love OpenWrt and your " Custom Flavor " is the absolute best in my humble estimation.

Peace and God Bless Always To You and Yours

In God's Grace,


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Awesome! Thanks David. Btw- you may want to update the OP with the new link as well when you get a chance, or maybe you were just waiting for the cert to update. Either way awesome, glad to see the new domain in action!

Hello -

I'm a newbie to OpenWRT, LEDE and LUCI, though I've used Tomato on a WRT54GL for many years. I've installed David's lede-mvebu-cortexa9-linksys-wrt1200ac-squashfs-factory.img - and I am really, really impressed! Thank-you to everyone who has contributed.

I have been trying to set up a guest wifi using the instructions here: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/guestwifi/guest-wlan-webinterface

However, when I come to configure my firewall zone settings, LUCI does not display the tick boxes for 'masquerading', for 'MSS clamping', nor the edit and delete buttons. These are shown on the guide, but not on my LUCI - it looks as though the page has cut off just towards the right of the 'Forward' column, and I cannot scroll across to see the missing fields.

Can anyone explain why this is?? And how do I fix it??

I'm using the current version of Chrome, but have tried Edge and Internet Explorer under Windows10. All have the same issue. I can post a screen grab if it would help?

If I'm being a complete idiot - then please accept my apologies - but this is driving me insane and any help would be gratefully received.

Many thanks!


Go to System >> System >> Language and Style and set the theme to "Bootstrap".
That should fix your problem....

You could get a free cert from https://letsencrypt.org/


Awesome!! @Kherby very many, many thanks! Much appreciated! I would have never thought to change that setting. I knew this forum would have the answer.


I'm already using Letsencrypt, and it will not issue a certificate to a domain that is currently "down".