Data Counter ? Openwrt? Luci

Is there any data counter? I want to see my total consumption for exp. in a month.

Hope someone can help me.


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I'd say that vnstat is more suitable in that regard

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I'm usually recommending nlbwmon (although I did use vnstat in the past - and functionally it provides everything I was looking for), because it's better integrated into OpenWrt and luci (in the sense that you can make it store the database on flash relatively easily (also making sure to reduce flash wear), in a way that survives reboots and sysupgrades - while vnstat needs more effort in that regard).

The reason I'm not recommending nlbwmon as I've noticed on several occations that it causes full load on one core/thread which isn't nice. I've seen it across multiple devices and never really bothered to track it down as there a more suitable tools (imho) available.

I haven't seen that behaviour so far (just tested it a 0.8% CPU during a speedtest), but I do have a router that has way more performance than my WAN uplink can provide.

It usually occurred after few days mainly on MIPS boxes but I never looked into it.

My uptime is currently 10 days and a few hours, but I'm already itching to flash a new build in order to test something…

From what I remember it should've occurred by that time so maybe it's fixed or just an isolated issue on my end.

i stick with that… it seems to perfom very well.

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