DAP-2610 ipq40xx disappeared


Any idea why DAP-2610 (ipq40xx) device has disappeared for building?
I can't download any snapshot, or even build it at my own.


My first bet would be the IPQ40xx target being migrated to DSA and the DAP-2610 not being included.

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DSA migration and enabling are needed.


Is not included for some reason?
That means the end of my device support?

Thanks for the info,

No sir. But someone needs to port and test it, and then it can be re-added.

Thanks @Borromini it's time to wait for good Samaritan :pray: to port it and re-add

You can still use 22.03 branch.

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The problem is not today or tomorrow, the problem will be in 3/6/12... months if no one ports the device.
DAP-2610 is good device still avaible for shopping, that's the "problem".

Thanks everyone for your help,