DAP-1320 Supported?

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I would like to install OpenWrt on Dlink DAP-1320 A2. I was trying to find any information if anyone was trying to install alternative firmware on this device, but didnt found anything. Did some of you can advice which version of OpenWRT i should install and if there might be some problems after installation?

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It's not listed in the Table of Hardware. For more information, see:

So it will not work on this device? or there is some chance that it will work, even if it is not on list?

I'm not finding an A2 revision on Wikidevi, but A1 and B1 are both Qualcomm/Atheros, so if your device is as well, it could be supported.

You need to find out what's inside first. Then hope someone has it and wants to add support.

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Are you willing to make it work?

(That information was also found at the links provided.)

Since this thread is the first search result on Google for this device and OpenWRT,
I'll just leave this here for anyone who might be looking to make a custom build for this device.

Tested on DAP-1320 A1 / A2 / B1 / C1, DAP-1120 A1.

Maybe we can dig it out in a few years' time, should there be any update on dealing with wifi-only devices in official OpenWRT releases (please let's not start yet another discussion here, there are many threads and pull requests already, also in the gluon repository, freifunk forum etc.).

@ketjow123 If this should be still relevant to you, feel free to try my image for rev A. Since this is based on current master, installing certain packages via opkg will probably not work.


Dont get me wrong, i fully do not understand how those packages are working and my knowledge here is very limited.
So you have tested the newest official release with DAP-1320 A1 / A2 / B1 / C1, DAP-1120 A1. and it was working.
Additional you have added customized files to your

and made bin file? so it should be fully functional with DAP-1320?
You have also added the instruction to upload the firmware, it is also possible to upload it by "The 30-30-30 Hard Reset"?

Yes, you can upload the factory image either via the recovery / emergency room (the web page with the life buoy; press reset button while plugging into socket, keep pressed until LED starts flashing red), or via the repeater's normal Web UI.

The image linked above (for Revision A1 and A2) is not based on the latest release (which would be v19.07.3) but on the current master, so it's closer to what will soon be OpenWRT v20.
LuCI is also included :slight_smile:

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