Daily snapshots missing tplink_c50-v4-squashfs-tftp-recovery.bin

The daily snapshots do have tplink_c50-v4-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin, but are missing the required

The tftp-recovery file is needed for initial install

Should I open a bug for this?

Looks like it's size related .... ( probs kicked the 8M bucket )... Leads to broader question/s...

18.06.2 tftp initial might work as a workaround?

Hmmm... Almost all the other tp link tftp-recovery files are 7936.0 KB

my bad....

The Archer C50 v4 installation instructions do not mention a factory image named tplink_c50-v4-squashfs- tftp-recovery.bin anywhere.
They do mention that a factory image needs to be built manually.


It looks like I accidentally liked to the C20 install page in my original post.

In this case the initial tftp-recovery file has just never been done for C50