Daemon Warning


I set up openwrt with adblock and my systemlog shows this warning:

<daemon.warn odhcpd[1417]: A default route is present but there is no public prefix on lan thus we don't announce a default route!>

Should i be worried? Or can i ignore it? any fix for it?

This means that IPv6 is improperly configured. For example if your ISP only issues a /64 prefix to the wan you need to use dhcpv6 relay mode so that LAN endpoints can obtain a public IPv6 within that /64 from the ISP.

Unfortunately I still get this error message. As you said, I activated relay mode under Interfaces in the DHCP Server -> iPv6 tab and then restarted the interface. Anything else I have to do for this?

I got another warning:

ath10k_pci 0000:01:00.0: peer-unmap-event: unknown peer id 0

What is the meaning of this?

Feel free to search: https://www.startpage.com/sp/search?query=peer-unmap-event%3A+unknown+peer+id+0

If you're gonna keep posting all of your log messages to get specific information - perhaps you should at least let us know the model device and version of OpenWrt you're running.

This is unrelated to adblock, if that's your question.



Are you actually experiencing some issue, or does the log just bother you?

my router is a Linksys MR8300 and im running openwrt 22.03.2 on it. Till now i dont experience any issues and the log just bothers me. also im trying to understand the errors.

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