Daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'vpn' is now down // is setting up now // vpn (5946): Could not resolve server address

Dear all,

I know VPN on winstandard is outdated, however my gf brought a company laptop which needs the old way of VPN connection, however it brought error "connection failed not enabled gre" or something...

so i have followed this guide:

basicaly, i have copied and passed each line one by one in ssh (however, if there is anything i needed to replace in the script provided, i didnt... i just ctrl+c and ctrl+v)

now, after restart in system log, this is just spammed all over again and again:

Sun Dec 12 21:25:04 2021 daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'vpn' is now down
Sun Dec 12 21:25:04 2021 daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'vpn' is setting up now
Sun Dec 12 21:25:04 2021 daemon.notice netifd: vpn (5869): Could not resolve server address

can I kindly ask anyone how to get rid of it?
if i did it wrong, then how Ill fix it?
in case its not fixable, then how do i "undo" what i did according that link?

That article expects your company to run a VPN server using exactly the OpenVPN protocol.
If they use another VPN type like WireGuard, OpenConnect, PPTP, IPsec, etc., then you need to follow a different instruction.

thank you, so the "client" from the link actually doesnt mean client is trying to connect to company vpn via my router as was my first guess..

therefore can I kindly ask how do i unvert all i did?

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thank you, done...
anyway... im 99 percent sure tits used PPTP,
can you please redirect me which guide to use?

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Worth mentioning here... PPTP is not secure. If any other protocols are available on the server infrastructure, you should use those instead.

If PPTP is the only available protocol, the IT people who manage that server may not realize how incredibly easy the protocol is to hack and thus how bad it is from a security perspective. As such, they should upgrade the server to something more modern.

If you have 1 laptop that needs to connect to a company VPN, why would you establish your entire network onto that VPN via the router?

guys im sorry for mistunderstanding...
my gf works in hotel a small hotel company as management, my best guess its cause this small company doesnt realy need any super secure stuff and they are low budget, then i guess they also have low budget IT who did set it up as PPTP.

I definitely agree with you that this protocol should not be used at all, however at this moment it is used therefore i have to set my openwrt to let her connect to her company via PPTP...

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My responses are not aimed at you, @shokarta, but just at the general IT infrastructure of this hotel...

They're probably not a high value target and therefore not likely to attract much attention. However, it is a fallacy to believe that they don't need to be using secure protocols... they could be destroyed by a ransomware attack or any number of other potential situations. They could also have issues with their guest's data (names, addresses, phone numbers, credit cards, etc.) being exfiltrated if they're not securing their systems. It's just not a good idea to be running on old, insecure, deprecated protocols.

Maybe... but it's not hard to find even entry level IT people who could setup WireGuard or OpenVPN. It's not difficult, and in fact, Wireguard is super simple to get up and running.

I hear you. I get what you are trying to do and the technology construct you (and your girlfriend) have to work within... not faulting you, seriously. Maybe your girlfriend can actually suggest to the upper management of the hotel and/or the IT staff that the VPN could become a security liability and that it should be replaced with something more secure as soon as reasonably possible.

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