D7800 install the web interface

Hello i have a modem router d7800 and i install for first time open wrt 18.06.1 with factory.bin
Did it correctly ? I think a brick maybe but i would install the interface web via telnet
How can i do it ?

I'd first try to install the 18.06.1 release image image via tftp.

Ok same if is also install , i'm use a factory or sysupgrade ?

For tftp you do need the factory image, I'm recommending tftp because of:

ok thanks so i would the version 18.06.1 is possible you think ?

I have no reason to believe the contrary, but I don't own the device in question (as mentioned in my commit message).

ok i go where for download image please , thanks


thanks man just i'm use a squash factory or sysupgrade like also install and in tfttp32 i'm use ? it's correct

Check the information for the r7800 for details, both devices are (except for the additional/ unsupported VDSL modem of the d7800) identical, so it should be very similar:


yes i have success thanks

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