D-team D2 Upgrade ? 18_06 -> 22.03

About the upgrade of OpenWRT. I am currently with an 18.06 version
I found the OpenWRT upgrade page on my router
and this

seems to be the available new versions.
I tried to use the .*squashfs.*bin file but the system answered

The uploaded image file does not contain a handled format. Make sure you choose the generic image format for your platform.

Hem I checked out and my system seems to be installed with a squashfs.

Do you have any advice about the upgrade procedure?
Of course 18.06 -> 22.03 looks like quite a big jump.
Is it even possible ?

I would suggest to upgrade it step-by-step.
First from 18.06 to 19.07, then 21.02 and at last 22.03.
And it is advised, to not keep the settings on every upgrade.
There have been some big changes over the years...

Thanks, :slight_smile: I have found a 19.07 file that worked. I'm going to find the 21.02 :slight_smile:

I suppose you can install any version through the bootloader, no incremental upgrade is needed.